Diva-licious Night: Dare to Prepare

The first Diva-licious night of 2017 Every other month I will continue to host a live presentation on how to create the foods you love BUT make them super healthy and apart of your health & fitness goals.  Each one will have a different theme. However there will always be lotsa new food to enjoy, … Continue reading Diva-licious Night: Dare to Prepare


What the funk? Turkey Ooze.

    What the funk is the white “stuff” that leaks out of my ground turkey meat balls??? Ever notice when baking, grilling or even sautéing lean ground turkey or beef there can be a whitish gooey substance that appears?  At first you're like what the heck is that? Is my meat bad? Nope! Not at all. … Continue reading What the funk? Turkey Ooze.