Power of the Pineapple

  Ciao Bella Diva Happy Post Memorial Day and Happy Almost Summer! Is it just me or is 2018 super speeding by?! ¬†Well, I guess we better make the most of it!! A simple topic this week: The Pineapple ūüć欆 Most of us love this naturally sweet fruit and sometimes you read..."don't eat fruit in … Continue reading Power of the Pineapple


Spice it UP

Ciao Fit Diva This week, lets talk about food. Big surprise!!! ¬†Hey, it is the fuel that our hard-working sexy bodies need to sweat and workout, think clear, better skin...I could go on & on. I know we get stuck in ruts with the same lean proteins ( chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, shrimp), same veggies … Continue reading Spice it UP

Sweet Skinny Nachos

Taco Tuesday Happy Tasty Taco Tuesday Fit Diva. ¬†One of my all time favorite indulging foods is a yummy, gooey, warm plate of nachos!!!!! ¬†With a margarita or 2! ¬†YUM! ¬†However, this fit diva cannot have that on a weekly nor would I want to. ¬†Talk about calories!!!!! But, if we can re-create that dish … Continue reading Sweet Skinny Nachos

Peppermint-Cocoa Balls..Fit Diva Approved

Happy Tuesday Fit Diva!!! Are you obsessed with peppermint and chocolate?? ¬†I am!! ¬†I'm also all about indulging, but unfortunately that starts the ugly cycle of craving sugar. ¬†One bite turns into weeks of endless self-destruction. ¬†However if we can have the taste of the season but in a healthier fit diva version....why not?! I … Continue reading Peppermint-Cocoa Balls..Fit Diva Approved

French Fry-Day!!

Its FRY-Day Hello Fit Divas! Whos ready to say goodbye to the last weekend of September? ¬†As much as I hate time to fly, I am ready to bring on the fall season. ¬†Living down here in SWFL we don't get much season¬†change until late October and even then its still in the 80's. However, … Continue reading French Fry-Day!!

Simple Salmon Cakes

Who Loves Salmon? Ever have Salmon Patties as a kid? ¬†I can remember growing up and mom making these "fish cakes" along with mac n cheese on Good Fridays! ¬†My sister and I begged her not to make them and wanted good ol fish sticks! ¬†haha ¬†However, glad mom made us have them at least … Continue reading Simple Salmon Cakes

Lemon Coconut Protein Bar

  Refreshing, Light and Healthy Hello and Happy Tasty Tuesday Fit Divas Need a new summer refreshing snack or a light pre workout mini meal? ¬†Oh my goodness, these fresh protein packed bars are beyond Diva-licious and quick to make. ¬†I get asked all the time, "what can I snack on?" ¬†Think of your snacks … Continue reading Lemon Coconut Protein Bar

Burgers & BBQ for the Fit Diva

Hello Fit Bella Diva It‚Äôs memorial weekend and the kick off to summer! Which means grilling and burger time! Ah, the juicy burgers of summer cookouts! They taste so good ‚ÄĒ but are so often huge fat and calorie bombs. The sad truth is that most homemade burgers have well over 800 calories. But it … Continue reading Burgers & BBQ for the Fit Diva

Black Beans & Brownies

  Beans, Beans Good for your Heart! What...The‚Ķ.Sounds gross! Right?! ¬†Don‚Äôt turn your nose up to the idea too quick, especially if you have a sweet tooth and LOVE chocolate. ¬†¬†Eating and living healthy shouldn‚Äôt be something us picky divas roll our eyes to or ever feel like we are restricted. ¬†It's all about finding … Continue reading Black Beans & Brownies

Tasty Tuesday Diet Diva-liciously “Fried Rice”

Cauliflower "Fried Rice" Happy Tasty Tuesday & Happy Valentine's Day ‚Ě£ÔłŹ If your staying in this evening give this recipe a go! ¬†You will save on calories, cash and create a romantic dinner for you & your sweetie or the whole family, or maybe just yourself. ¬†This day is about Love in any way shape … Continue reading Tasty Tuesday Diet Diva-liciously “Fried Rice”