Skinny Summer Side Dishes

  Happy Summer Fit Diva Hope you had a relaxing 4th last week and are back on track ¬†with your workouts and fit diva approved foodsūüėé Who is ready for a side dish change-up for summer? ¬†Something other than a blah salad or veggie?! ¬†Simple, Super tasty and of course Fit Diva approved! These 2 … Continue reading Skinny Summer Side Dishes


BREAKFAST: Stop the Excuses

Stop the Excuses Happy Tasty Tuesday I wrote up this blog last year and wanted to share it again with a few add ons and new finds. ¬†On a weekly basis I still get asked, what can I do for breakfast? ¬†I am bored or I do not have enough time. ¬†I get it! We … Continue reading BREAKFAST: Stop the Excuses

Fit Tip Friday: Long wearing-breathable Make up for a Fit Diva

Hello & Happy Fit Friday! I'm trying 2 new things today! Using my blogging App on my phone instead of my computer to test it out for next week when I blog from Peru ūüėć. So this will be much more informal. Raw... is a better term! Which is kinda cool to just write and … Continue reading Fit Tip Friday: Long wearing-breathable Make up for a Fit Diva

Sweet Super Fruit:Monk Fruit

Sweet Deal Hello Fit Diva Who is ready to say goodbye to February and bring on March? ¬†Soooooooo crazy how this month flew by. ¬†I must admit, I'm super excited for March, so I couldn't wait. ¬†March will be a fun-filled month of: a visit from my Sissy-Best Friend, Big Travel plans, and an amazing … Continue reading Sweet Super Fruit:Monk Fruit

For the LOVE of Chocolate

  Chocolate Love Hello my Lovely Fit Diva We are continuing our LOVE theme this week with every woman‚Äôs most craved treat...Chocolate!!!!!! ¬†And sometimes giving yourself some extra love means treating yourself to SOME of the sweet stuff. I said some! Haha. ¬†Believe it or not, as a kid I hated chocolate. My sister and … Continue reading For the LOVE of Chocolate

Killer Core + Massage..Yes Please

Hello Fit Diva How is 2018 going so far? ¬†Movin and groovin and feeling fabulous? Even if your crazy busy, as I‚Äôm sure most of you are...hey we are hard-working women so we are always busy..make sure your feeling fabulous and taking care of YOU during the Tasmanian devil moments I call them. This month's … Continue reading Killer Core + Massage..Yes Please

Bella Bootcamp for the Fit Diva Soul

Mind-Body-Soul Hello Fit Diva So this is it! ¬†The end to another year and chapter in the book of life. A year to be extremely Thankful for. ¬†Yes, even if it was the most unpredictable, toughest most stressful year‚Ķ.be Thankful for each day you get to move your body and breath. ¬†We truly take that … Continue reading Bella Bootcamp for the Fit Diva Soul

10 Kitchen Gadgets for the Fit Diva

Happy December Fit Divas As much as I LOVE the holiday season..I don't like that it is the end of another year. ¬†Holy Crap 2017 ¬†flew by. ¬† Who else agrees? ¬†However, its time to start new goals, adventures, both big and small. ¬†If one of your goals is to be better prepared in the … Continue reading 10 Kitchen Gadgets for the Fit Diva

Peppermint-Cocoa Balls..Fit Diva Approved

Happy Tuesday Fit Diva!!! Are you obsessed with peppermint and chocolate?? ¬†I am!! ¬†I'm also all about indulging, but unfortunately that starts the ugly cycle of craving sugar. ¬†One bite turns into weeks of endless self-destruction. ¬†However if we can have the taste of the season but in a healthier fit diva version....why not?! I … Continue reading Peppermint-Cocoa Balls..Fit Diva Approved

Muffin Top Madness

¬†BOSU Oblique Training Happy Workout Wednesday Fit Divas. ¬†The number one area that gets the most requests to change to ¬†make tighter and smaller is the mid-section. ¬†Yep! ¬†Still the #1 area with most demand. As most of you know by now, you cannot "spot train" a particular body part to become smaller or carry … Continue reading Muffin Top Madness