Skinny Summer Side Dishes

  Happy Summer Fit Diva Hope you had a relaxing 4th last week and are back on track ¬†with your workouts and fit diva approved foodsūüėé Who is ready for a side dish change-up for summer? ¬†Something other than a blah salad or veggie?! ¬†Simple, Super tasty and of course Fit Diva approved! These 2 … Continue reading Skinny Summer Side Dishes


Fit Diva Travel Tips

Vacation Time?Hello Fit Divas It has been a few weeks since I have posted a blog and for one of the first times‚Ķ.EVER...I am actually A OK with not meeting my time frame or getting upset with myself or saying..‚ÄĚLaura, you MUST do this now‚ÄĚ. ¬†IT IS OK!!!!! To allow yourself me time and be … Continue reading Fit Diva Travel Tips

Spice it UP

Ciao Fit Diva This week, lets talk about food. Big surprise!!! ¬†Hey, it is the fuel that our hard-working sexy bodies need to sweat and workout, think clear, better skin...I could go on & on. I know we get stuck in ruts with the same lean proteins ( chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, shrimp), same veggies … Continue reading Spice it UP

Fit Diva Destination: Peru

Hola Fit Diva Diva Destination Welcome to the First Diva Destination of 2018 Peru ūüáĶūüá™ Hola Fit Diva As Fortunate as I am to experience the world, I wanted to start sharing my foodie & diva-licious moments each time I travel. I am currently on a bus for 8 hours leaving Cusco and headed to … Continue reading Fit Diva Destination: Peru

Frozen Assets

Happy New Year Fit Diva!!! Who is going head strong into this new year with new goals? ¬†Most of you I am sure!!! Remember what I mentioned weeks ago....Be sure to Accept where you are now, in order to move onto where you want to go! Frozen Assets No...Im not talking about freezing your bootys … Continue reading Frozen Assets

Hello my Sweet

Sugar Hello My Bella Fit Divas Those of you who live in Florida, hope you all are safe, getting back on track and starting to see the light after these crazy, unpredictable weeks of mother nature. ¬†Hurricane Irma. ¬†This has been my first experience of any hurricane and to experience a Cat of the … Continue reading Hello my Sweet

Fried Foods without the FAT

Fried Food with Good Fats and fewer Calories Say What???? ¬†Ok Ok, way less fat than greasy, stick to your muffin top or thighs fried food! ¬†We need good fats in our diva diet, but the fat from fried food is not Diva approved! ¬†Only on your cheat night if that's what your craving! ¬†¬†I'm … Continue reading Fried Foods without the FAT

Rise & Dine Divas

Breakfast Matters Hello & Happy Saturday Bella Divas A VERY important topic we need to the importance of fueling your body and brain at the start of each new day! ¬†It has been coming up a lot this past week with some of my clients. ¬†Doesn't matter what age, both my teens and adults. … Continue reading Rise & Dine Divas

Tasty Tuesday Diet Diva-liciously “Fried Rice”

Cauliflower "Fried Rice" Happy Tasty Tuesday & Happy Valentine's Day ‚Ě£ÔłŹ If your staying in this evening give this recipe a go! ¬†You will save on calories, cash and create a romantic dinner for you & your sweetie or the whole family, or maybe just yourself. ¬†This day is about Love in any way shape … Continue reading Tasty Tuesday Diet Diva-liciously “Fried Rice”

Perfecting the Protein Pancake

Protein Powder Cooking Advice Sweet tooth? ¬†Not getting in enough protein? ¬†Need an on the go meal or snack? Cooking and Baking with protein powder can be very tricky. ¬†One minute extra of cooking you go from a yummy moist sweet treat to a hard brick! ¬† Whatever you're making can turn out rubbery, "cardboard-y," … Continue reading Perfecting the Protein Pancake