Pumpkin Protein & Muffin Tin Magic


Pumped up Pumpkin Muffins

Happy October Fit Divas!

Of course I had blog about something Pumpkin this month & why not make it into a healthy, sweet snack or breakfast and add protein?!  I mean after all, pumpkin is a vegetable…right?!!?!  


Muffin Making Tips:

I always tell you to choose your favorite, most clean protein powder of your liking. I do suggest you stick with vanilla for this recipe.  My most favorite is still Isagenix. It is whey, which normally I have a hard time digesting, but the way it is processed seems to be a ok with my belly.  There are some really good Pea proteins that work well too. Just be sure to read the label and avoid artificial sweeteners. 


This is a great way to have breakfast for those quick mornings or I like to have them as a mid day sweet snack along with my iced cold brew!  

Keep in mind, once you make these mini muffins or you can use regular size muffin tins, keep them in the fridge.  Because they are so moist and contain protein powder, they love to grow a yummy fuzzy layer of mold after a few days on the counter!!!!  So keep them in air tight containers or zip lock in the cooler temp to last all week!

Lastly, feel free to have 4 mini per serving or 2 regular.  Full of fiber, protein, good carb and its……PUMPKIN!!!!!!!

Recipe Time

Muffin Tin Magic

Another tip and easy way to teach and keep the correct portion your fit body needs is to use muffin tins other than for just….Muffins.

For Example:

  1. crustless Egg Quiche cups for Breakfast or snack.  (recipe in former blog)  b1e127a01f9b702866dcaca77a38e318--minis-healthy-eating
  2. Mini meatloaf:  Use extra lean turkey or beef.  Mix with an egg, panko bread crumbs, salsa, onions, peppers and spices. Place a large meatball size serving in each sprayed muffin tin. Get Creative!!  Maybe use some crushed pineapple, jalapeño as a twist!    2-3 per serving.  Great as lunch next day.


3. Cheeseburger Sliders: ** Kids LOVE**  Divide the bottoms of 12 mini potato rolls among 12 muffin cups lined with nonstick foil liners. Form 1 pound ground beef into 12 small patties and divide among the cups; season with salt and pepper. Bake at 425 degrees F until just cooked through, 10 minutes. Top with small slices of American cheese and bake until melted, about 5 minutes. Top with sliced pickles, mustard, ketchup and the roll tops. **Use sprouted bread as the FIT DIVA option along with 1 oz of goat cheese and low sugar ketchup.

Family Friendly! Make 1/2 for you, 1/2 for the kids!

Ideas are endless!  Hopefully this sparked some new fun ideas for a change of pace.  As always, share your ideas, message me for any questions AND….most importantly, have fun.  Living a healthy, happy, Fit Diva lifestyle is about taking the good days with the unpredictable bad days and learning to go with the flow instead of fighting it.

Next Blog : Frozen Assets

Ciao Bella Divas


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