Simple Salmon Cakes

Who Loves Salmon?

Ever have Salmon Patties as a kid?  I can remember growing up and mom making these “fish cakes” along with mac n cheese on Good Fridays!  My sister and I begged her not to make them and wanted good ol fish sticks!  haha  However, glad mom made us have them at least once a month.  

Funny how our taste buds change as we get older!  Or maybe we just learn & accept to be more open mind to try new things. Either way, I totally love Salmon cakes now and would love to share a new greek style version with you.  Remember, eating healthy isn’t boring or tasteless, you just need to learn how to use your spices and get creative.

Easy & Quick Preparation 

During the week days for dinner, the quicker to make the better.  All ingredients gets thrown together in one bowl.  Stir.  Mix.  Mold and sauté.


Salmon Options

Ok, sounds gross, but there are a few great brands of canned Salmon.  Whole Foods, Fresh Market….Local markets.  You buy canned tuna, right?  I have used both, canned for a quick mid-week dinner and fresh fillet.  Yes, the fresh Salmon fillet tastes fresher but honestly…the canned tasted pretty darn amazing too.  Use whats best for the moment!  Bottom line you are getting in a super healthy clean meal that tastes Diva-lish

If you use canned salmon, be sure to drain, and then rinse with water and drain again.

If using a fresh fillet, bake and chop.  Do not use food processor.  The final cake turns out much better.

Fresh baked Salmon
Canned Salmon from Whole Foods

Recipe Time

“No Diet”

Enjoy as always Bella Divas!  Remember….keep your food full of flavor and spice and you will never be on a “diet again”

The next Diva-licious cooking class will be September 15th Friday at 6:30

If you need some inspiration, motivation, new ideas for just some social fun with other fit divas, all info is on website


Greek Salmon, lentils and veggies

2 thoughts on “Simple Salmon Cakes

  1. I would love to follow your blog. I was just recently in the hospital had my gallbladder removed and my liver is in bad shape. Would love some recipes that I can fix and eat. The doc has said no fats at all for at least 3 mos. he has me on the brat diet bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast. So I am dying here lol.


    1. Hi Angie
      Oh no!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Good news… it’s only temporary for this sort of diet so let’s make the best of it and be thankful! I’ll definitely put some thought into this and create a few recipes for you!!!! Go onto my website to follow blog. It’s on the bottom of the main page.
      I’ll also just send u some recipes private to your email! I’ll email u in the next few days for sure!!!!! Thank u for reaching out 🤗


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