Time to Maintain-Holiday Season

Maintain your Fit Body

Hello Bella Divas!

It’s that time of the year!! As much as we love the holiday spirit, our regular health & fitness regimen gets off track, stress increases & yes… we eat more! It’s all good!!! Life must be enjoyed. However💥💥💥 It truly is important to get in your fitnes/sweat/workout session. At least 3x a week. Shorten the duration & increase the intensity. Not only to destress and burn calories…. but more importantly, to keep your  muscle mass.  Your strong sexy muscles start to decrease quickly. Which in return, slows down metabolism and stamina. That’s not good at all. You see it, feel it… Blah

Muscle Fact

While there isn’t one right answer for everyone, most experts agree that it all depends upon your goals and your current level of fitness. If your main goal is to maintain your fitness level during a few weeks of reduced training, then some moderate exercise for 25-30 minutes 3-4 times a week is all you need. If your current level of fitness is high and you want to keep it that way, you will need to adjust your exercise time, type and intensity accordingly.

SAD but TRUE 😧

You’ll start deconditioning (losing muscle & fitness) in about two weeks if you stop exercise altogether. Once lost, it takes nearly three times as long to recondition as it took to “detrain.”

Soooooo get in those quicke workouts!!!

Here are some ideas to help you out and you can do them ANYWHERE. Have some fun, find a partner and kick your booty!!!!!

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Happy New Year. 2017 woo hooooooooo 🎉



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