Silicone Vs….

Silicone Muffin pans vs. Tin Muffin pans

Hello Bella Divas!   Lets chat about Silicone vs….No not Saline!!  haha  We are not talking boobs during this blog but more along the lines of baking.  Have any of you had the chance to bake with silicone/rubber muffin pans?  They are pretty useful when it comes to making healthy versions of muffins and protein bars.   I know we all have our own opinions, but coming from a Fit Diva who likes to make over recipes to fit into every day eating, they really do make a big difference in taste and texture of your final product. I have used them with all of my protein muffin recipes and even turn protein bars into muffins.  Since most “healthier” versions of muffins or bars tend to be lower in fat, they will loose their light fluffy texture.  When I used the silicone pan the muffins really fluffed back up and held more moisture.



Silicone Pros & Cons

There are definitely pros and cons when using these cheerful, bright multi-shaped holders.


~ Makes muffins fluffier/airy and more moist.  As I mentioned, sometimes when baking with protein powder, the final product can get heavy “brick like” or super dry.  (I have experienced this many times.  A sure way to drink more water! haha.  In order to wash down those dry muffins)

~ Muffins pop right out of the bendy silicone

~Easier to clean & store

~Bakes up to 450′

~ Fun shapes and styles.  Both adults and kids have a blast.  I love my heart shaped ones.  If my clients complete their goals for the week, I make them “love muffins” as a yummy reward!


~ Super flimsy and bendy.  I would advise to buy them as a 6 count so they are easy to take in and out of the oven.  The 12 count tend to get tricky and messy.  Or purchase the single cups and you can place them on a cooking tray.





Recipe: Banana Nut Protein Muffins by Bella Diva

A super yummy, low sodium, low sugar, low fat all natural snack. Either pre workout, post workout or something sweet in the evening.

Pre heat oven 340’
Mix all ingredients Except high fiber cereal in blender:

12 egg whites
2/3 cup oats
2/3 cup high fiber cereal…..Trader joes has the BEST
2 fresh bananas
5 tablespoons of low sugar raspberry or strawberry jam
1-2 tsp vanilla
few dashes of cinnamon
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
3 packages of stevia
olive oil spray
almond or peanut butter

Blend all then fold in high fiber cereal
Spray 8×8 baker with olive oil and fill about 3/4 inch thick
You will have leftovers So I made 6 regular muffin size muffins, which equal one serving!
OR you can make them all into regular muffins

Bake, cool and frost with nut butter
85 cal, 2 g fat, 12 Carb, 4 Sugar, 6 protein
YUMMY!!!!! Bon appetite Bella Style


Have some fun creating and making many new healthy snacks and meals. The Key to success is being prepared!  That holds true to ANY goal we want to achieve.  When it comes to meeting a Health & Fitness goal of any sort, prepared food is a MUST in our busy days.  For additional recipes or ideas, feel free to message me:)

Next week:  All about chickpeas (garbanzo beans) from the Fit Diva Diaries  xo






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