Nutritious Night Out: The Crust

Nutritious Night Out: Naples

The Skinny on Eating out; or in better terms, how to not eat like a fatty.  Want to enjoy a date night out? Family night? Girls night with cocktails?   It is possible.   It’s all about the numbers.   I’ll share my favorite picks on places to enjoy the night out and still play by the numbers.

Of course the house salad minus croutons and add chicken with olive oil and vinegar on the side is an option  But…..WE WANT PIZZA!  

Their Crust is super duper thin and cut in small squares, so you can be careful with your portion.  Also, gluten free crust is offered.  It is a crust made with rice flour and tastes De-lish and extra crispy!  You can build your pizza.


My Pick:

  • Instead of typical heavy cheese and sauce, have the Crust drizzled with olive oil.
  • Layer: tomato, spinach, chicken, onion and sprinkle with feta or light mozzarella.

  • Put that baby through the brink oven!!!  Diva-licious!!!!!

  • Have 2-3 pieces, side salad with very little dressing and a glass of red wine….Cheers!

So you CAN enjoy pizza, it’s just about making the smart choices!  Share your pictures with us on Instagram or Facebook if you try it! 


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